my toileteries

The toiletry bag

After spending hours online looking for the perfect toiletry bag, I have picked the sea to summit hanging toiletry bag. I wanted it to be lightweight, with a hook and with separate compartments. This particular one is made of Silnylon, a great, strong, waterproof material. Its small size could have stopped me but I changed my mind once I watched this video. I can store all my stuff in this bad boy and I think it’s the perfect one for whoever wants to go on a minimalist adventure. Along the way I had to extent my supplies and it turned out to be no so minimalistic. It still does fit in my toiletery bag though.

I am trying to keep my consummables vegan and cruelty-free as much as possible. It is quite tough when roaming around Asia but here is a list of cruelty-free cosmetic brands. Dowload the Leaping Bunny App or PETA Bunny Free App to have the best toiletry products without harming other lives.


– solid shampoo Honey I Washed My Hair from Lush
– soap
– silicon tube with coconut oil (essential!)
– aloe vera
– rose water
menstrual cup
– 2 washable organic cotton pads
– foldable toothbrush
– toothpaste
– dental floss
-alum stone deodorant

my toileteries make up


– mascara
– black liquid eyeliner
– mini palette
– concelaer
– black eyeliner pencil
– red lipstick
– lip balm
– White Musk Smoky Rose 10ml from The Body Shop or Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium
– razor + razor blades


– nail clippers
– tweezers
– hair ties
– comb
– hairbrush
– bobby pins
– glasses
– condoms
– eyewash

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