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Vintage Style & Green Travel

Hi there!

I am Ava, a modern French pin-up.

I grew up in the wild French countryside, running all day in the fields, building wooden palaces and throwing snow fights. I have been in contact with nature, it’s probably why I want to honor it through green travel. I have inherited this wanderlust from my parents who have been travelling around Asia in their twenties.

I graduated from University with a Licence in Applied Languages in English and Arabic in Clermont Ferrand. Then I moved in the Alps to do a Master in arts promotion and management. My dream job would combine travelling, intercultural exchange and promote various forms of creativity.

My studies brought me to Limerick, Ireland in 2013. This semester abroad was the start of a beautiful love story with the emerald island. In 2015, I moved to Belfast where I had a great time for a year.

In April 2015, I have made a big jump into the unknown and left Europe for a long-term trip starting in India. I have been going without plans and return tickets since then. This lifestyle has never deceived me so far and it showed me how incredible life can be when you let things unfold. I have realised my childhood dream to meet H.H the Dalai Lama and see Mt Everest.

Since then I have lived in India, Nepal, Australia and travelled in many more countries but Nepal remains my ultimate soulmate I am now parting my year between the land of the Himalayas and the rest of the world.

As far as I can remember, I have always been an explorer, the one who craves to discover what this big blue planet has to offer. I love meeting new people, encountering new cultures and new horizons.


about The PinupAbroad - vintage style and green travel - Paris

Why The Pinup Abroad?

My vision for The Pin-Up Abroad is to share my experience as a vintage girl travelling a modern world. I am willing to provide meaningful green travel tips, authentic insights of my journey. Through my community, I want to create a worldwide network of responsible travellers who consciously chose their destinations and educate themselves on how to preserves the wonderful landscapes and cultures they are exploring. I dare to dream of a world full of nomads where people exchange in respect and  act as much as they can in favour of ecotourism.

I couldn’t write only a fashion blog or only a green travel blog because it wouldn’t be totally me. I am fascinated by the elegance of the 1920s to 1950s and the Old Hollywood Golden Age. How to combine wandering in the Himalayas and looking like a movie star AND saving the planet ? It’s manageable:  vegan red lips are compulsory even at 5000m.

Most of my posts are both in French and in English. I do the entire translation work myself. I could use a plug-in but I prefer to keep the spirit of my texts even if I have to sacrifice a correct grammar from time to time.

I want this piece of the web to be honest and helpful. Through my articles, I wish to demonstrate how travelling is accessible for all of us without costing the planet. I believe that the real adventure is all around us and if we grant ourselves the time we can easily go off tracks. I hope it will make you grab your backpack and book a ticket to the place you always wanted to go “someday”.