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Once again I am leaving for exotic destinations and once again I did not have time to say goodbye to everyone. For some of you, the meeting is only postponed but for others, the reunion sounds more of a challenge.



Even though I meet new people and create new ties, you can’t replace a particular bond by another. If you know me well, you must be aware of how picky I can when it comes to finding people I can relate to. Once I have found you, I won’t let you down. You all have your own expressions, your own interests and lots of qualities that make you a unique being. Besides, I have certainly shared experiences with you that I have never had with anyone else. It’s amazing to have the chance to meet so many people but nothing beats friends who stay with us for the entire ride.

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Sometimes friendships begin again because of life-changing events may they be happy (marriage, graduation …) or less joyful (break up, death).

You know, I hate when you tell me that your life is dull and still the same.  I am certain that you are going through a variety of things which you do not value. It’s always great to know where you stand, to chat about the little things paving your everyday life.  I love to hear about your personal projects, your pets, your relationships and being updated.
Surely, I am not the one that you can call to go get a drink on a whim after leaving your job or in which you can take refuge in case of hard times but acknowledge that I will remain by your side no matter which country I am living in.  The good news is that thanks to modern technologies, it is easy to talk, write and share feelings instantly. Without being able to make a hug, I will be an attentive ear.
In times of paranoia, I sometimes wonder that if I keep on moving, I still belong to the people you appreciate. I feel like I am missing so many important bits of your lives that one day you will not miss me anymore.

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The more I travel, the more I encounter new souls with whom the spiritual connection is sometimes brief but can be intense. I tell myself that I am only passing through and that many of you do not want to bother to get attached if it is not to never see me. Because anyway, I will soon have to pack and make tracks. For those I have not seen for a long time, I hope that you still have a small place for me in your hearts and on your sofas for the day I would come to cook for you and chill.


For those who are still here after my years of wandering, those who continue to take news, the ones who have become a real family;  I take this opportunity to express my immense gratitude. I may be a strong and independent woman (ah-ah), I am nothing without you. It is only because I know that I am not alone that I can cruise by myself. Your friendship is a considerable support in both good and bad times. It is always a pleasure to meet you and to see that nothing has changed between us.

After this long emotional post, I am going back to try to find a VISA and a cheap flight to my next destination.

Take care, I love you. ♥


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