We are officially entering my favourite time of the year, I am extremely excited. I used to spend Christmas playing in the snow in my very dear French countryside. We would go on a tree hunt in the forest nearby my house and decorate it all together. December is also my birthday month so it is magical all the way. It is the only time of the year when I feel homesick, or maybe just Europe-sick. I miss the cosy fireplaces, the Christmas markets, the mulled wine and all this enchanted atmosphere.

To cure the homesickness and to give some travel/vintage inspiration to my gals out there, here is my Christmas and Birthday wishlist. Obviously, I am also secretly hoping that some admirers will stumble upon this article and send me some gifts.


pinup abroad wishlist 1

1. Dita Von Teese Starlift Balconette Bra

I have to confess that I am a huge lingerie addict. Travelling long-term can be quite difficult to nurture this need so I have sized down my collection to only two bras: one sturdy black which can go with everything and a silky triangle one.  I have been drooling over the Starlift forever, it is the perfect all-in-one travel bra because it is sexy, strong, elegant and simple.


2. Vixen by Micheline Pitt Cigarette Pants

I am in love with Micheline and I can’t get enough her Vixen items. She is doing an amazing job to produce gorgeous high-quality clothes. These cigarette pants are great to create a minimalist travelling wardrobe since they are comfy and match with everything. You can get a nice floral blouse, a rockabilly t-shirt or a velvet decolletage; the pants will keep that vintage vibe going on.


3. Passion Planner 2018

The Passion Planner is the best planner I have found after years of research. It gathers multiple features such as appointment calendar with weekly and monthly spreads, inspo quote, long-term and short-term goals setting…etc.  I used it in 2016 and loved it. I have tremendously lacked organisation and goal focus during the past few years on the road. It feels like it is finally time to get it together.

You can actually print the whole planner yourself here for free!


4. Vans Old Skool

The Vans Old Skool are the shoes every traveller need. I always recommend packing 3 pairs: black flats, trekking shoes and comfy sneakers.  These ones makes you look cool and match any retro outfit. Also their good quality will bring you everywhere on the globe. I am obsessed with finding them in Nepal but so far they just sell them for men, how unfair!

pinup abroad wishlist 2


5. Miss L Fire black pumps Miss L Fire 40s Amber Mary Jane Pumps

How cute are these pair of heels? They help to dress up your outfit of the day and remain very comfortable. For short trips, they can be your best mates to stay classy. It’s always a good idea to carry along a nice pair of pumps for the times when you want to feel extra classy.


6. Icebreaker Baselayer Oasis Longsleeve

This bad boy has been on my wishlist for quite a while now. It is the best baselayer on the market. It is made of high-quality merino wool. I love black plain baselayers as they can serve both up in the mountains where the temperature reaches below zero and also dow in the city n as a nice plain top with a round neck.

7. Solar Panel Charger

I have seen many trekkers and backpackers with these attached on their bag and I never believed it could properly charge your devices. After some research and survey, I found out that it does! Solar chargers are lifesavers when lost up in the mountains where electricity can be rarer than a bottle of soda.


8. Boudoir by D’Lish Burlesque Gown

This is an extra dramatic item no really travel/backpack friendly. But you know me, I am extra dramatic anyways. It is my dream to one day open the door of my mansion to the police wearing these and pretending I am devasted to hear that my husband got poisoned. Meanwhile, I will still get myself a nice satin robe to feel glamorous even in the cheapest guesthouse.

pinup abroad wishlist 3


9. Cath Kingston Small Devonshire Velvet Crossbody

I have discovered Cath Kingston while living in the UK and I own few items from that brand. They are all beautiful and made of very good quality materials. I trust their longevity. I have been looking for a purse practical enough to wander around cities when I settle for few months. This crossbody would do the day and night duty like a pro!


10. Esther Williams Swimwear Classic Fifties One Piece

Next month I am heading to Australia and I feel like my old red polka dot high waist bikini needs to finally rest in peace. I have had this one forever. I feel like having a one piece would suit me better and would be more difficult to lose while packing. This one is a stunner and would hug my body shape sooo nicely. I love it both in black and dark green.


11. The Art of the Teese Melbourne

YES, the Queen is coming to Aussie while I will be exploring the country. This is a divine sign, isn’t it? I just must go. I have never seen Dita performing yet and she has been a major inspiration since my early teenage.


12. Collectif Pearl Coat Collectif Clothing Pearl Coat

Shall we talk about the famous Pearl Coat or should I just leave it here? If you have it: well done, if you don’t: I feel you. It is the most glamorous winter coat ever. It actually screams Old Hollywood in each of its stitches.


13. David Yurman for Victor Inox Swiss Army Knife

A knife is a big helper while travelling, there will be tons of situation when it will save you. I used to have Harvey, a switchblade, my bodyguard but I lost “him”. I now carry a Chinese copy of a Swiss Army knife and craving to get a proper good quality one.



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