Dear body,

I have started this post recovering from a 30+ hours bus ride on Asian bumpy roads and I am finishing it in a comfortable bed in Melbourne. I feel like I made you go through a lot in general and I want to say that I am sorry.


I am sorry for the food I fed you. Some days eating way too much to please the hosting family or starving you in order to save money and go further. Gaining and losing weight according to the situation. How many times did I believe that a bag of Cream and Onion chips would do for dinner? I have made you dehydrated so I wouldn’t have to get down the bus or use the awful commodities of the train. I made you drink water from rivers and from the dodgy taps.

We have travelled through drastic weathers, opposite hemispheres and extreme altitudes more time in the year than I went to the dentist the past decade. From dry deserts to humid jungles in the blink of an eye. I am sorry for not getting you ready to carry so much weight, adding more books, more clothes and collecting memorabilia along the way.  I took your breath away so many times when wandering in high altitude. I also filled your lungs with dust and pollution. When the pollution was not enough in these cities, I intoxicated you with cigarettes, booze and some less legal substances.


I got you drunk at non-advisable heights so we could dance together all night long. It was fun but the tomorrows got harder and harder. I let you be touched by men with little respect and education for women’s curve. You’ve got bitten by a large variety of insects it would make an entomologist blemish out of jealousy. I am not even about the drastic change of climate that made my hair thinning and my skin breaking.

But the thing that I am most shameful of is hating you. I wished you to be different, maybe stronger, fitter and more pleasing to the eye.


You never gave up on me, you supported me and showed me how strong we were together. We went so far together. It’s my turn to take care of you. From now on, I will honour you in all the ways possible and never let you be disrespected again. I am so grateful to be able to see the wonders the world has to offer, to touch the fur of a puppy, a horse or a kangaroo, the skin of a lover, to taste fine cuisine and exotic fruits, to hear birds, speeches and music. I can walk miles, take on heavy loads, understand several languages. We are gorgeous my dear and on this Valentine’s day, I just want to tell you that I love you.


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