12376597_1104966566182680_4384365549210603324_nI am leaving Belfast next week to go on an adventure on the other half of the globe. I initially came to the Norn Iron capital for three months but I ended up settling here for a whole year. I went with the flow and had a green time.

Belfast is a place whet the silence of the streets contrasts with the joyful noise of the pubs. One of my dearest friends once describe me Belfast as a who is trying hard to heal its fresh wounds.

I wanted to pay a tribute to this controversial town who has welcomed me in a wonderful way. Here is a list of 30 simple things that I will miss once I will be gone.

Queens University

Queens University

1 – Passing by Queen’s University on the way home
2 – The Belfast accent, it’s rather a dialect
3 – The view upon the hills on the way to work
4 – The locals’ ability to laugh at themselves
5 – Christmas jumpers time
6 – The incredible number of cultural events
7 – Suki Tea
8 – The craic
9 -Getting lost in the Ulster Museum
10 – Tease O Rama nights at the Black Box
11 – Botanic Gardens on a sunny day
12 – The exchange rate
13 – The buzz in Cathedral Quarter during the week-end
14 – Tuesday night’s yoga class at Flow Studio
 15 –  Farmageddon
16 –  The Rusy Zip
 17 – Buskers in the city centre


18 – Muriel’s Gin
19 – Garlic bread
20 – A movie at Queens Film Theater
21 –  Lavery’s
22 – Having several seasons within a day
23 – Saying “fuck sake” to express any feeling
24 – Saint George’s Market on a Saturday afternoon
Belfast City Hall

Belfast City Hall

25 –  City Hall, far too big for the size of the city
26 – Slim’s Healthy Kitchen’s smoothies
27 – Trying to spot David & Goliath from afar ( Harland and Wolff cranes )
28 – The sound of the helicopter
29 – The early dusk in winter, the late sun in Summer
30 – Small talks with the taxi drivers






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