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Our February gal is coming from the marvellous country of Brasil. This gorgeous redhead has been travelling over Europe in dreamy places like Austria or Venice. Let’s learn a bit more about her trips and her tips ! Meet Emily The Wandering Fox!

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Tell us a bit more about yourself, where are you from? Where do you currently live?

I am Emily, The Wandering Fox, 26, I live in the countryside of the state of São Paulo in Brazil, I move a lot and already lived in 6 different cities including Rio de Janeiro and Dublin in Ireland, Traveling is my passion and medicine! Nothing in the world can make me feel happier.


It is still the beginning of the year, what are the destinations on your 2018 bucket list?

I still figuring out! My boyfriend, who lives abroad, is coming to visit me and we are thinking about going to an island called Ilha Grande on the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

But I also wanna go to Italy visit my relatives like I do every year.


You are a well-travelled lady indeed, what has been your most memorable trips so far?

 Last year I went to Innsbruck in Austria with my family it was the memorable for sure! Also, the architecture and the food made me fall in love with Austria, I want to come back there and discover other cities.


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If a fairy godmother would come to you one day and grant you the wish to have the trip of your dreams what would it look like?

My dream trip is going to Iceland and wandering all over that beautiful country, my dream is to see the northern lights.


Let’s talk about style now! Here at Pinup Abroad, we love to exchange tips and tricks on how to be a perfect vintage wanderer. How would you describe your style while travelling?

While travelling I prioritize comfort, so I choose basic items and give it a hint of glamour with the accessories.


What are your favourite items to bring along in your suitcase?

 My sunglasses, hair accessories like scarfs and flowers and a decent size handbag.


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How do you manage to do your hair and makeup when you can’t carry all your beauty items?

While travelling I don’t always have much time to get ready so my lifesavers are hair pins, buns and dry shampoo. As for makeup, I have an essential trio that never leaves my handbag: foundation with solar protection, favourite red lipstick and a pen eyeliner


Moving on packing tips! How do you manage to bring a capsule wardrobe? What are your best packing tips?

I always try to see the matching possibilities between all the pieces I want to take with me so I can have more options without bringing a lot, I like separating the looks by day so when I am getting ready I have everything together and don’t have to go through the whole suitcase and I prefer the basic items so there will be no mistake and I bring some cute accessories so I can give it a hint of glamour!

Last but not least, give us a quick tour of what’s hot to do for a Pin Up gal your Brasilian hometown.

At the moment live in the countryside of Brazil and as a nature lover, my tips are the natural beauties around like the Lavender field and waterfalls.

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