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Now you have finally made the excellent decision to visit the birthplace of Buddha, you’ll have to solve the Nepal Visa situation. Do not panic my dear, it is relatively easy to do whether you enter the country through the air (managed at the airport) or if you do it by land from another bordering country.

Getting the Nepal visa is pretty easy to get but a bit expensive in my eyes. The economy of the country relies mostly on tourism so I guess it’s a bit more foreign money going to the corrupted government’s pocket. You’re welcome.


From Delhi

My first time in Nepal, I have entered through the land with a lovely 40hours bus from Delhi to Kathmandu. The real hardcore backpacker way. As the government only offers Visa On Arrival at the airport, I had to get my Nepal Visa before entering the country.

I went through the rather quick process of making it in New Delhi itself. It took me two days to get it after the application, I took the 90 days multiple entry which I thought I could pay in dollars but, mind you, they only accept Indian Rupees.

So I was escorted by a lovely Nepali soldier to the nearest bank to exchange my dollars in INR, they first refused to exchange it because they didn’t have the money on site (probably a lie) but with the help of my guardian angel in camo I finally got the amount in rupees and we head back to the embassy.

Note: get your money ready in Indian Rupees and in cash to pay for your Visa.

Visa Fees

Entry Duration Fee
Multiple Entry 15 days INR 1500/-
Multiple Entry 30 days INR 2400/-
Multiple Entry 90 days INR 6000/-

Embassy of Nepal New Delhi

Barakhamba Rd
Vakil Lane, Mandi House,
New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Visa on Arrival at the airport

If you are entering Nepal through the very tiny Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, you can get a Nepal Visa on arrival (VOA Nepal). It is the usual gateway for most tourists and it can be a convenient option as there is no possibility of e-Visa like its neighbour India has. In the case of Nepal, it is not necessary to go through an online procedure as it is done on arrival. The Nepal Visa on arrival is very simple and quick to apply and get!

Arrival at the airport and process to obtain the visa for Nepal upon arrival (Kathmandu airport)

Once we land at the airport in Kathmandu we will have to go to zone E, it has not lost, everyone is heading there. This area is the immigration hall, where we will have to follow the different steps to get the Nepal Visa.

1 The first thing will be to have on hand the immigration form that sometimes is given to you on the plane or that you’ll have to manage to catch in the entry hall where everyone else is trying to find space and a pen to fill this little paper. Most of the time, you can get it from a wooden counter dedicated to this form on your left once you enter the airport.

2 Once the form is filled out, we will have to continue through the area on the far left until you reach a computer centre in the line of “Visa On Arrival” where we will register to obtain a visa for Nepal.

For the Nepal Visa on Arrival, you will need

  • Your passport
  • Passport-sized photos
    Not always required if you fill the application form with their Kiosk machines but I would recommend to always travel with spare ones anyway. If you happen to not have a passport-sized photo, you can still take one at the airport booth.
  • The Tourist Visa form filled either

    Manually at the airport on your arrival
    Using the automated machines at the airport on your arrival
    The airport now has installed automatic registration machines which will scan your passport and take your details from it. You will still have to enter extra information but it is a pretty straightforward process that will save you some time.
    Online, prior to your trip
    You can fill up this form online via the Department of Immigration website.f you fill it from the website, you will get submission Receipt with a barcode, please print it out and bring it along for acquiring a visa. It works for fifteen days and becomes invalid then after. If so, you will have to fill it up again.


3 You will then have to make payment at the bank according to your visa requirement ( 15/30/90 Days) and get the receipt.

Process for the extension of you Nepal Visa

It is possible to extend your VISA in Nepal as you can stay in the country for a maximum of 150 days. It means you can stay for 5 months in Nepal per year from Jan to Dec. You can extend your visa either from Kathmandu or Pokhara Immigration Offices.

Pokhara Immigration Office
Damside Rd, Pokhara 00977 ( it is not on Lake Side Road, a bit further but can be done by walk)

Kathmandu Immigration Office
Kalika Marg, Kathmandu 44600 (a 35mn walk from Thamel or a 15mn drive)

I have heard that on the first of January the VISA records are cleared so if you planned it well, you can manage to stay almost a year. I haven’t verified this info though.

To extend your Nepal VISA, you will have to go to the Tourist Visa counter with all the documentation. Once verified that everything is correct and paid the fine if you have already overstayed your VISA, you’ll have to pay in Nepali Rupees (NPR). You will also have to indicate at this time if you need a multi-entry visa for an extra 20$.

You will leave the passport with them and get the payment receipt, and the waiting game starts in the waiting room. They will call us when it is ready. The price of extending the visa in Nepal is a minimum of 30$ up to 15 days extension, more than 15 days 2$ / per day.

You can bring your document already filled to the Immigration Office through this link.


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