Many travellers go to India after visiting Nepal. Hence the Indian embassy has opened a dedicated office for VISA application next to their actual building. The procedure might appear longer than for other visas but it is well-organised and surprisingly efficient. The whole process usually takes about a week. It is better to plan ahead in case of mistakes on your application.

Step 1

Fill up the online application form. Print it and staple it along with photocopies of your Passport, your Nepali VISA and a previous Indian VISA if you have visited the country already. Don’t forget to paste your certified picture on the front page of the form. Be careful, the Indian ID photo is different from the common one. It needs to be square. I would recommend doing it on the office next to the Visa office. They are lovely and helpful guys, you can even ask them to review your application so you don’t leave any stupid mistake behind. They are THE experts in Indian Visa applications.

Step 2

Go to the Indian Visa Centre  : House No.296, Kapurdhara Marg, Kathmandu. ( Close to the Indian Embassy, 10mn walk from Thamel)

What you need
– visa application form filled
– photocopy of your passport
– photocopy of your current Nepali VISA
– photocopy of your previous Indian VISA if you have been there already
– an ID picture following Indian norms (2×2)
– Fee in NRS

Take a ticket and wait until your number is called. In high season I would recommend to go there early.  I had to wait two hours for my number being called. The office is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 until 12 am. You get to the first counter where the officer review your application along with your Passport and check the information with you.  Then, you proceed to the second counter where you pay your visa fee I had to pay a bit less than 5000NRS up to 6 months. UK citizen are charged an incredible amount compared to the rest of us. Post-colonization revenge I suppose. They will issue a cash receipt  on which they stamped the date of your next visit.

Step 3

What you need
– cash receipt
– passport

Within five working days, your application is processed. You come back on the morning of the date mentioned on your receipt. The hours are the same (9:30-12), you take your ticket and patiently wait. This time you know the line can be long so you have geared up with a book/ a friend/work or you can simply go for a coffee if your number is that high. Once called, the person at the counter will review your application once more and tell you what VISA you have been granted with.They ask you to leave your passport and they stamp your cash receipt once more. I apply for three months multiple entries and I got three months single entry. I heard people asking for six months, getting only two. Always aim for the highest since the price is the same. At my time the Indian government was facing a fairly big chaos since they had withdrawn 500RS and 1000RS notes overnight and the end of the year was getting close. The VISA policy was quite strict.

Step 4

What you need
– cash receipt

The day after in the evening you come back one last time to collect your freshly stamped passport. It should be between 5 pm and 5:30 pm, there is no queue.
Voilà! You can now enter one of the most incredible country in the world.

If you have overstayed in India: don’t be as stupid as I was and do not throw away any kind of document which proves the legality of your VISA extension. It took me two extra weeks to find the Indian officer who had delivered this document several months earlier. I also had to hand write a letter stating the reasons why I overstayed. It was long and stressful, you don’t want that.



 Update oct. 2017: the VISA fee has doubled and it is now quasi-impossible to get a 6 months VISA.

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