There are few daring ladies in the vintage community who are answering the call of adventure. It is inconceivable for us to dress differently because this is what we are, not a costume. I am a great admirer of any woman ( vintage or not) who doesn’t apologise for her style and hit the road embracing her feminity. Always respecting the culture and the traditions of the country you are visiting obviously.

I have personally faced “backpacker shaming” for being not enough roots, to deserve to be on the Everest trail or in a cheap guesthouse for example whereas the locals have most of the time been genuinely curious about my style.

The 3 following women hold a special place in my heart since they are vintage travellers.





If you have been in the vintage milieu for a while, you must know who is Idda Van Munster.
If not, let me introduce you to my main modern inspiration. Aida Đapo is a Bosnian girl living a vintage life. She is a model and a great photographer. She is not only gorgeous, she is also a real connoisseur of what she is wearing as a passionate about both beauty and history.
She has been roaming all over the world these past years and provided us with breathtaking outfit pictures. She is jumping from Japan to Europe, to Dubai to Japan again. She is a self-made woman so obviously she has tons of taste for her look, pose and travel photography. I will never praise enough about this doll, just go and check her pictures.

Her VSCO Gallery






Jaimee aka Soda Fontaine is a super cute pin-up girl from New-Zealand. She has moved to London for a while and she is now exploring Europe with her man. She is a 40/50s retro gal with a modern twist. As she is travelling the world, she makes our favourite pieces wearable and it is what I love the most about her( and the fact that she is a post-hardcore fan). Jaimee always manages to adapt her outfit to the place and the situation she is, may it be a casual stroll exploring the city or a night out at Viva Las Vegas.

Her main travel tip is to pick up a colour scheme and plan all your outfits around it so all the clothes and accessories you will wear will match. Hence you don’t overpack!








Colleen is the dream of every little girl who has once binge read Agatha Christine. She is a passionate egyptologist who dresses wears vintage at home, when going out for dinner and also on the field. She currently teaches art history at the University of Hartford and conducts research as a Faculty Affiliate at the Peabody Museum of Natural History. She is an award-winning author of five books and has published dozens of articles in academic journals and magazines. She is a model of style and career.

Her look is mainly inspired by the famous 1920s flapper with the short bob and the shapeless dress. I couldn’t agree more on what she takes from this era when women were filled with post-war optimism. Ladies were gaining more independence and were rejecting what was then considered acceptable behaviour. They wanted to enjoy their life and freedom instead of being a housewife.





What are your own travelling role models?

Do you know any more vintage wanderers?


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