Our first wandering pin-up to inaugurate this exciting series of 2018 is Carmen Fifties. I have met this lovely lady when I was desperately looking for travellers with vintage inspiration. We were both so happy to see that we are not alone running all over the planet while trying to keep our style together whatever the place or the climate.

I am honoured to have her on Pinup Abroad as our January calendar girl!

carmen fifties london

Could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your passion for travelling?

My name is Laurene and I’m a 23 years old pinup girl from Bordeaux (France). I started to get the travel bug when I was 17. Unfortunately, I was too young to go by myself. I was bored at school and I wanted something else in my life. I didn’t travel a lot with my family but they have a free spirit and a way of life that contributed to my state of mind.
Then I went to London for 6 months to become an au pair. It was a revelation: meeting people from all around the world (London is the best for that), speaking a different language, learning about new cultures. The best part of this trip was when I decided to leave my bad host-family to take a room in a shared flat. I had no money and it was so exciting as every day was a jump into the unknown: the real adventure! Since then, my obsession to see the world never stopped increasing.

You are just back from a winter trip to London, what are your favourite spots there?

About this famous city of London again! My favourites spots there are Camden at night. There are so many cool bands who play there! About pubs: The Nambucca on Holloway Road has really nice gigs, The Fighting Cocks (Kingston Upon Times) for rocknroll.   Dark Sugars Cocoa House in Brick Lane has the best chocolate I have ever tried. For some vintage shopping, I would recommend Brick Lane and Portobello markets.

What has been your most memorable travel memory so far?

It’s difficult to choose one.. I would say during my trip to Thailand when we were at Khao Sok.
We were at the hotel when we heard a music. We walked around 1km to find where it was from and we arrived at a temple. It was a traditional celebration in Thailand with a traditional music from the South. The music was really loud but it was so amazing. I had the feeling that I was exactly at the right place.

carmen fifites swim

If a fairy godmother would come to you one day and grant you the wish to have the trip of your dreams what would it be like?

I would love to go on a long road trip in the south of the US and it will start with the Viva Las Vegas festival in Las Vegas.

Let’s talk about style now! Here at Pinup Abroad, we love to exchange tips and tricks on how to be a perfect vintage wanderer. How would you describe your style while travelling?

Unfortunately, it depends on the destination. When the weather is too hot my face doesn’t look good even with some makeup on. It’s the same for my clothes as they get wet so quick due to humidity. My style is lighter than the other days but the good thing is that I can always wear my dresses and swing skirts when it’s hot!
When the weather is okay but I have to walk a lot in a city, I can always wear some basic sneakers and a comfy dress. I never go without my red lipstick on. When I go for a hike, it ’s obviously a bit harder to keep my pinup vibe.. (except the lipstick). I think the most important is to find comfy and good quality pinup clothes when you travel!

What are your favourite items to bring along in your suitcase?

I always have some accessories and makeup like my cat-eye sunnies, my 50’s bag, my earrings (I have a passion for earrings), some bangles too and of course my red lipstick. It is perfect to accessorize when the weather is too hot! When it’s cold, I always try to bring a nice vintage coat and a warm dress. I always take a fancy dress in my suitcase anyways!

carmen fifties thailand


Talking about brands, which ones do you find the most travel-friendly?

I think my velvet dresses from Collectif Clothing are nice for the winter season. I know this brand for a long time and I select very carefully my clothes there because everything is not made of a strong fabric to me.. I also like Vixen by Micheline Pitt swing dresses because they are comfy!


You have been through the cold winter in Vienna and Prague and the heat of Thailand, how do you manage to do your hair and makeup when you can’t carry all your beauty items?

I try to do quick but nice hairstyles. I always take some accessories like hair flowers too. About my make up it’s generally a softer retro look than in France. I always bring my products with me even if sometimes it is the bare minimum: foundation, red lips, mascara and eyebrow.


Moving on packing tips! How do you manage to bring a capsule wardrobe? What are your best packing tips?

This is a really good question because it’s always hard for me to pack my suitcase! When I leave, everything is ironed and organised so I always find a solution to close it! But when I come back home and I’ve bought some clothes on my way, it’s a whole different story.  The best solution I found was to roll all my clothes to gain more space (that’s why you have to take strong fabric).

Last but not least, give us a quick tour of what’s hot to do for a Pin Up gal in France.

I have founded a pinup association in Bordeaux and we organise several events like gigs and pinup meetings. If you are travelling to Bordeaux, you can check our page, Atomic Glitter. There is a lot of exiting in France festivals too. One of my favourites is The dream fish Kustom (Allassac). Béthune Retro Festival is also quite famous.  Paris is really great for vintage shopping and you also have some amazing collections and museums to see like the Dior Exhibition at the moment.



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