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Kathmandu is a vibrant youthful capital city and its nightlife has a lot to offer. Night in KTM is like a spell cast on us whether we are coming back for trekking, coming from India where the parties can be less safe or stopping by in between two countries. I have had my fair share of endless nights for the past two years and I believe I can be a trustworthy guide. I have celebrated life both with locals and travellers, been to gigs, bars and clubs… I have given a lot of my self to be able to provide you with a relevant article!

Most of the bars, pubs, live venues and clubs are located around Thamel. You can also visit the Patan area or Jhamel which is a new area with a different vibe. Both Patan and Jhamel are located 5-6kms away from Thamel.





Where to drink


KC’s Restaurant and Bar

KC’s is my second home, it is my starting point for every night out. It has a really nice atmosphere, the staff is the friendliest and you can meet a mix of Nepalese crowd and tourists. KC’s is the perfect blend of a lounge ambience and a disco bar. The food is always tasty such as the cocktails. It is actually the very place where I have met most of my local friends who have become family. I have celebrated my birthday there and Halloween as well. I can’t recommend it enough.

Location : Thamel



Buddha Bar

Low lighting, cosy style, candlelight and fine booze. You will meet a lot of lovely bubbly people at Buddha Bar. Just like Sam’s Bar, it became a real hub over the years.

Location : Thamel



Sam’s Bar
Good vibe and a great place to meet backpackers. It is one of the most popular bars of Thamel and has a very chilled atmosphere.

Location : Thamel



Everest Irish Bar

All is in the name. Irish by heart, I pay a visit to the Everest Irish Bar to cure my homesickness. You won’t hear any live deedlee-dee Irish traditional music but you will still get the cosy atmosphere of a pub and decent tunes. They have some good old Guinness and Jameson, a pool table, what more do you want?

Location : Thamel



Bêta House

Such a wonderful spot to hang out with friends, play pool and start your night happily. Beta House also plays a key role in the Nepalese electro scene, they showcase the crème de la crème of DJs. Highly recommended as well. And it is just downstairs from Reggae Bar so you can do both in one night, no excuse!

Location : Thamel



Electric Pagoda

EP is the best place to have your dinner and start off the night. It is set in a peaceful courtyard at the heart of Thamel. The decor is so cosy when it is getting dark and the garden is lit, totally different than a crowded bar full of smoke.

Location : Thamel




KC’s Bar


Fancy some live music?



There are numerous bars and restaurants in Thamel hosting live bands almost every night. The vast majority of these bands will play covers of rock classics hoping for you to clap for them while your hands are greasy from your burger or pizza. You will stare at them, appreciating to hear some worldwide known lyrics, you will feel like music unites the world but if you want real gigs, go to the places down below.


Purple Haze

The biggest and the most famous music venue in Thamel. I don’t even know if I still have to introduce you to this institution. I like to pay a visit to Purple Haze once in a while to enjoy a nice classic rock band and see a different type of crowd. Many metalheads gather there along with Nepali youngsters and lots of tourists. All of these music seeking souls are under the protective gaze of a giant painting of Saint Jimmy Hendrix.

Location : Thamel



House of Music

House of Music is the place for upcoming musicians and underground artists. It’s the venue where I have encountered the incredible Nepalese punk scene last year during a crowded night called Make Punk Great Again! It also conducts poetry slam and other creative events. Fridays and Saturdays are usually main events whereas weekdays are dedicated to open-mic nights.

Location : Thamel



Upstairs Jazz

Upstairs Jazz is a venue dedicated to pure jazz lovers. Every Wednesday and Saturday aficionados gather in this tiny place. It reached its peak of attendance during the Jazzmandu Festival. I really appreciate going there for a quiet night out, it feels like an out of time bubble. The drinks are always nice such as the conversation.

Location : Lazimpat
Reggae Bar

Reggae Bar is located upstairs from Bêta Hous. Reggae has recently undergone a makeover recently and has adopted a new rock vibe. It has an outstanding lion wall piece inside. It is a great place to hang out, having a drink while listening to live bands. You can meet local crowd as much as foreign visitors and most of the time everyone ends up dancing in front of the stage altogether! They do have a real stage, not the kind of hidden one in a corner so the band plays background music. It takes a good space so artists can unleash their stage presence properly.

Location : Thamel



A Very nice place to have a drink in Jhamel, away from the city madness and in a lovely lounge decor. It also has some interesting folk, funk and rock live bands.

Location : Lalitpur



Karma Bar



Where to party

Karma Bar & Lounge

One of the trendiest club at the moment. It is not in Thamel so you will need to get a taxi. The music is a mix of electro and commercial and the crowd is mainly made of locals from KTM.

Capacity : 1000 pax
Location : Tripureshwor


Club Déjà Vu

Maybe the biggest club in town, it feels like a gigantic dungeon. The interior design has been really thought through. The sound system is amazing but the DJs are not always the best. Deja Vu is hosting most of the worldwide Djs gigs like Steve Aoki recently and Marshmellow.

Capacity : 2500 pax
Location : Durbar Marg




Ibyza and I have a love/hate relationship, a dramatic passion. Even if I don’t want to, I always end up the night in Ibyza’s arms. I now know the bartender and most of the dancefloor knows me. *ahem*
It is the most famous and central club in Thamel and the one that closes at dawn. I can promise you will end up there, willingly or not. And you will enjoy your night.

Capacity :
Location : Thamel



25 hours

I must admit that I have never been to 25hours, it has been recommended by a friend as a great venue for underground electro music. Checking their page and communication they seem to host a variety of artists from Metal to DJs and have a nice range of themed events. They only do exclusive events but they are about to change the whole concept next year. I will surely keep you posted once I have been there.

Capacity : 250 pax
Location : Naxal


Have you tried one of these places?
Which is your favourite?

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