Travelling is wonderful but you can end up by neglecting yourself and lose your precious balance. Here are some of my favs happy tips to keep you well while experiencing new adventures!




Carry some feel-good items

Travelling long term or just going on vacations means getting out of your comfort zone and putting yourself in new situations. It is both thrilling and scary. You lose your marks by connecting with a new culture and a new environment. I would highly advise packing one or two items who will make you feel good. It can be objects from home like a teddy, a beloved book, your PJs… or an item that makes you feel beautiful.
Personally, I carry both types: my teddy rabbit that I have had forever, some makeup and a nice set of lingerie.


Stay hydrated

This one sounds silly, right? You don’t know how many times I felt down and moody, starting to have existential crisis only because I was dehydrated. When we are out exploring all day we sometimes forget the fact that water takes up 60% of our body and we go on. Bring a flask that easily fits in your day bag or buy a day bag that can hold a bottle. If you’re really bad at it, set a reminder to drink your 1.5L per day, there are tons of apps or that or you can also keep track of it on a paper.


Follow bopo warriors on social media

Social media can get addictive when you are travelling as WiFi sometimes becomes a scarcity. It is your way to connect with loved ones that are away and to find fellow travellers. Social media can be also quite harmful because we are exposed to a distorted reality where we only show the best of ourselves, we edit how we look and moments. If you’re a traveller, you must be following other traveller’s account and tend to compare. They have done so many countries, how they can afford it? Why are there so many couples travelling together? Some solo travellers seem to never face doubts? Same goes to the accounts of pinups, vintage ladies, fit girls, celebrities or whatever you’re into. They can be as inspiring as they are unhealthy. Instead of entering a shallow competition why don’t you start filling your feed with some good vibes. My favs are Zara Khaldique from Keep It Bright, Jasmine the gorgeous Vintage Vandalizm or Megan from Bodyposipanda. Something I love as well is getting massive inspiration from the Drag Queen community, they are incredibly fierce.


Write it down

The benefits of journaling have been scientifically proved but I believe that keeping a travel diary has so much more to offer. Writing on a regular basis allows you to reflect on your journey. Like it or not, every trip is a challenge and an opportunity to discover a bit more about who you really are, what you really enjoy and what you are really capable of.
It also helps to get rid of anxiety and stress as journaling has the magic power to clarify your thoughts naturally. Your hand will put an order in the chaos of your mind. Finally, keeping notes of your adventures and emotions while travelling will keep you organised and balanced all through the trip. It will also be a great reading in few years!

Treat yourself once in a while
You might be on a tight budget, the money you have been carefully saving for new adventures but it is important to treat yourself once in a while. If you go frugal you would try not to eat for expensive, going to dorms or cheap hotels and it can be wearing you down sometimes. I love to treat myself (who doesn’t?) with a nice French restaurant when I feel homesick, a night in a nice hotel or a spa. It is like cheat meal days, you are doing good by being careful not to spend too much and you are pushing yourself to see as much as you can that you deserve to splurge at least once a month. It can be anything as long as it is selfish, uncommon and terribly enjoyable.

Keep a routine

I believe that having a morning routine helps you to stay grounded and bring some stability to your everyday adventures. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, only consistent. I am fighting with discipline for years but I felt way better on my skin when I managed to keep morning habits for a couple of months. Repeating a pattern every day will boost your energy and create a strong foundation for the unpredictability of the upcoming day. Do some stretching, drink hot lemon or write your journal… You have plenty of apps to keep you on track like Habit Bull or Fabulous.


Be grateful

How lucky you are! You have been born in the right place to be able to work, to save and travel around the world. Your body is so amazing that it carries you in all these beautiful places. You are encountering new cultures and people who make you grow. Even the unexpected, unpleasant situations build your strength and show you how resourceful you are. Listing maybe two or three points every evening before bed can bring tremendously positive vibes in your life and we know that we attract the energy we emanate.

What are your self-care tips on the road?

What are your special treats?

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