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I have to admit one thing; I am super lazy when it comes to making lunch or dinner. You have maybe understood my love of food with my list of favourite restaurants in Santa Barbara. I know it’s a bad habit, but the choice of restaurants is so wide in the US and fast food restaurants are so cheap that it is hard to resist (even if you have to sometimes #health). In this country, it’s fast food everything, so I selected for you my Top 6 fast food and you’re lucky because they are all different types of food.

Classic Fast Food: Sonic

Always and forever in my heart. It is by far my favourite. I discovered it in Oklahoma when I was in Uni and there was a Sonic just across my apartment.

What you should order: Potato tots, corn dogs and mozzarella sticks. I discovered those products at Sonic so to me it’ll always be home to those delicious dishes.

My guilty pleasure: The wacky pack aka the kid’s meal. Drinks are always too big in the US for me so the wacky pack is perfect for its small drink and I still have my favourite products in it PLUS a gift. I know I’m turning 25… but they are awesome.

Best bang for your buck: 50cts corn dogs on Halloween (and other holidays sometimes). YES!!! Imagine 10 of them for 5$. It’s possible!

Asian American: Panda Express

It’s American Asian food, so let’s call it “fusion cuisine”! It’s delicious but quite sweet. Luckily, I have a sweet tooth so I really love it.

What you should order: Honey Walnut Shrimp with the Chow Mein as a side.

My guilty pleasure: When I’m being really bad I order the Cream Cheese Rangoon. Sooooo good.

Best bang for your buck: If you’re 2 get a 3 entrees and one side menu to share. You’ll have a lot of food.

Mexican: Chipotle

Of course, there are way better and more authentic Mexican restaurants in the US but Chipotle is so tasty and really convenient if you’re on the go.

What you should order: The burritos are really convenient. You pick whatever you want to put in it. You start with your meat, then rice, beans and other toppings.

My guilty pleasure: Their Barbacoa for the meat, it is delicious.

Best bang for your buck: Get the bowl, ask for tortillas on the side and get mixed meat (chicken and beef). You’ll get charged for chicken, which is cheaper than beef, and you’ll get way more food than if you get a burrito. So it is the best bang for your buck, but I hope you’re hungry.

fast food wings

Chicken and Beer: Buffalo Wild Wings

They claim it: Wings, Beer, Sports! Sounds awesome? Well, it is. You can even be traditional with the regular wings or get the boneless wings.

What should you order: The wings of course! You can choose from a long list of sauces and seasonings from the milder to the wilder. Don’t get too wild, you wouldn’t survive!

My guilty pleasure: The honey mustard sauce for the wings. But if you’re not into wings, try their roasted garlic mushrooms, they are delicious.

Best bang for your buck: Don’t be afraid to ask for the specials, they usually have a beer special with a great price on the pint! Pretty useful to watch the million games on their trillion screens out there.

Burger: The Habit

If you want a good American burger, go to The Habit. I know people talk so much about In-n-Out, but I personally prefer The Habit.

What you should order: You can stay classic to get the real taste of the Habit with their Charburger; with cheese of course.

My guilty pleasure: I think you know it: SWEET POTATO FRIES! Do I even have to explain myself? It’s an absolute must try, adopt, and love.

Best bang for your buck: With such a small menu it is hard to say. But you can join the Charclub for deals and coupons.

fast food pizza

Pizza: Papa John’s

How could I make a fast food list and forget pizza? I couldn’t do that. So if you like thick crusts just like me, Papa John’s is your new favourite.

What you should order: Any pan pizza! They are all delicious and the pan-cooked pizza is really the best. I hope you’re not on a diet.

My guilty pleasure: The pizookie. Pizoowhaaat? Pizza? Cookie? It’s a giant warm cookie to share (or to keep). The best way to end pizza-night.

Best bang for your buck: Like all the major pizza chains, they have so many coupons and deals that it’s hard to miss them. Shame on you if you pay your pizza full price.

BONUS: Wetzel’s Pretzels

Of course, BONUS, because I am so nice to you.

It is definitely one of my favourite snacks, and I am craving for it right now. The Wetzel Bitz are the best. I always get the original, with nothing but a dash of salt on it. It doesn’t need more to be delicious.



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