Our July gal is one of my personnal favourite among the ever growing community of pin-up and vintage ladies. She is originally from Australia but have moved to France and then to London recently.

She is a gorgeous vocalist who performs live just like those femme fatale you see in films noirs, she is also a fierce advocate of veganism and a fine. I have fist discovered Miss Bee Town on her YouYube channel where she gives tips and trick about hair and outfits and I have been following her for years. I particularly love her approach to life and the fact that most of her tips are really easy to put into practice even while on the road.

The following interview gives us an insight into her experience moving to Europe, her best travel memories and some tips in bonus !

Miss Bee Town July 3

Tell us a bit more about yourself, where are you from? where do you live?

Although I’ve lived in Melbourne for 10 years, and have a true, and longstanding, love affair with the city, I am originally from the south coast of South Australia. It is very picturesque, and it may surprise some people who know me as a vintage enthusuast, but I used to spend 20+ hours per week at the beach and pool doing swimming and surf training. But my true passion has always been performing and dressing up in glamorous outfits, which has led to my career as a professional musician and as a content creator on YouTube. My partner and I moved to London in November and so far we love it enough to call it home for a while (although I’m apt to change life plans on a whim)!

How shifting from the Land Down Under to the Old Continent has been for you? What do you miss about your homecountry?

I won’t lie, our year in Paris was tough. I didn’t speak the language before arriving in the country, we struggled to find an apartment for 5 months, I found the beaurocracy infuriating and made little progress with it, and we really struggled to make friends. It wasn’t a great fit for either of us. But, I learnt a lot about myself in those 12 months, and we grew so much as a couple, I would never take back the experience. Plus, we lived in one of the most amazing and beautiful cities in the world – I always promised myself I would live in Paris, London and New York and I finally started that journey! Oh, and I started properly doing my YouTube channel! So I guess it was inspirational!

In contrast, London has been quite an easy transition and we have both found opportunities here and are flourishing. I am a big believer that when you are on the right track the universe sends you signs, so I really feel London is a step in the right direction. And the vintage style and music scenes are phenomenal! And the people are simply gorgeous!

Things I miss from my home country are: the beach (oh I miss the beach and surfing!), hot summers, driving (weirdly, but I think it’s the sense of freedom, solitude and independence), the Melbourne cafes (especially Melbourne’s fabulous coffee), my amazing group of friends and the lifestyle we shared in Australia’s most liveable city, and, by far, my family.


You are a well-travelled lady indeed, what has been your most memorable trips so far?

I am head over heels in love with Los Angeles. The sun, the beaches, the vegan food, the vintage community (Burbank is amazing), the creative community and how positive and welcoming they are, and I love the juxtaposition of the beach and the rugged terrain of the Hollywood hills. I’m not a huge fan of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but the other pockets of LA, and the lifestyle, really make it feel like a home away from home for me. I went there in the Summers of 2014 and 2015 and have plans to return again and again (starting with a trip next year).

Miss Bee Town July 2

If a fairy godmother would come to you one day and grant you the wish to have the trip of your dreams what would it look like?

I have been dying to go to Greece to one of those ancient seaside villages all in white stone and just spend time eating fabulous food as the sun sets, and spending the days on the beach or discovering the architecture, history, and culture. If anyone wants to send me on that trip I’ll make time haha!


Let’s talk about style now! Here at Pinup Abroad we love to exchange tips and tricks on how to be a perfect vintage wanderer. How would you describe your style while travelling?

I am really into simple, classic looks for everyday wear (I keep the glamour and false eyelashes mostly for performing). Things like black wide leg trousers, plimsolls, espadrille wedges, a Breton stripe tee, 40s style shirts, and sundresses are always a safe bet when travelling because you can mix and match a few simple items to create multiple different outfits. Besides, you can fit more accessories in a suitcase than clothes! So there’s always an array of scarves and jewellery on my packing list!

What are your favourite items to bring along in your suitcase ?

I’m never without a pair of black vintage leather (or faux if new) gloves, my red vintage beret, some vintage brooches and 1950s earrings, a pair of black pumps, at least 4 scarves of varying sizes, a vintage clutch, and some retro inspired sunglasses (usually a 30s and a 40s inspired pair as I find accessories really make a modern or reproduction outfit look authentic).

Talking about brands, which ones do you find the most travel friendly ?

I am a big fan of Freddie’s of Pinewood, House if Foxy, and Vivien of Holloway. In my opinion they are the most authentic reproduction brands available (for 30s-50s looks) and the quality of the items I own (tops, jeans, skirts, and trousers alike) is fabulous and the garments have withstood multiple wears, washes, and being smooshed into overpacked suitcases.

Miss Bee Town July

We have seen on your Instagram that you’re outfit is always on point while on the road but how do you manage to do your hair and makeup when you can’t carry all your beauty items ?

I keep it simple. Despite loving being creative when I’m settled and have a decent collection in my make up kit, I’m almost always sporting the same make up look when travelling (or for the past 2 years as the case may be); a natural 40s brow, brown eyeshadow, rouge, a red lip, and winged liner, with a coat of mascara on my top lashes. Apart from primer and foundation, that’s basically all that has been in my kit since I left Aus! I don’t even own setting powder (can I still be considered vintage???)! And I always have my pin curl clips packed because they create many different styles from many eras and they take up the least amount of space of any of my curling tools

Moving on packing tips ! How do you manage to bring a capsule wardrobe ? What are your best packing tips ?

Don’t fold – roll! You’ll fit more in and your garments will come out less wrinkly. And I don’t travel with anything that needs ironing. Or if I do I sport my wrinkles proudly haha (but seriously the rolling trick works wonders if you pre-iron the garment)! Pick a few key pieces that all work together and then accessorise! And my biggest tip – pack lightly. Let’s face it, we vintage lovers can’t say no to an amazing one-off find, so you’re going to need the extra space for the return trip.

Last but not least, give us a quick tour of what’s hot to do for a Pin Up gal in you hometown ?

Go to the secret laneway bar Eau de Vie. The atmosphere and decor is amazing and the cocktails can’t be beaten. But be prepared to spend up big because you won’t be able to stop at 1 – they’re pricy but worth every penny! And visit Brunswick Street in Fitzroy and just walk the whole length for fabulous coffee, vegan eats, and vintage stores. Then repeat the whole process on Chapel Street in Prahran.


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