Miss Rockabilly Ruby
if you have been sleeping in a cave the last few years, Miss Rockabilly Ruby is the superstar of vintage hair styling. I had the chance to attend her course in Melbourne in September and I was thrilled to see that not only the lady is working magic with any type of hair but also she is the funniest.


Thanks to her job she has been travelling to teach classes around the world. Miss Ruby and her husband photographer had the chance to see gorgeous cities and landscape all over the planet and I am so glad they have decided to launch their very own Youtube channel. They are people to follow because they are truly dedicated to their craft and are incredibly kind and generous.


I am delighted to present Miss Rockabilly Ruby’s travel tips and stories on The Pinup Abroad for this month.
Miss Rockabilly Ruby and Charles

Hi Ruby, you’re just back from Aussie where you have spent almost a month travelling and teaching, how was the overall experience?

Australia was amazing and we had so much fun visiting each city, we are very very tired though after all of the flights and the 17 hour time difference between Australia and Los Angeles.

Any great movie that makes you daydreaming modern or Old Hollywood Classic?

My favourite Old Hollywood movie is How to Marry a Millionaire, I love all of the costumes, especially the fashion show scene!

You have been travelling quite extensively lately, what has been your most memorable trips so far?

My husband and I have been travelling nonstop for the past few months hosting photo shoot days and my hairstyling classes. We visited Hamburg, Berlin, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Nambour most recently. We’re taking a short holiday to Cancun to recharge before heading back out on the road again in a few weeks, I’ll be heading to do a hair show in North Carolina, then going to Dallas, TX, and finally wrapping up the year in Chicago, IL. There are memorable things from each one of these trips, so I can’t pick just one! Seeing the Berlin wall was something I’ll never forget, having high tea at the fanciest hotel in Manchester was an amazing experience, visiting the Beatles museum in Liverpool on my birthday was incredible, and the most memorable of them all was being able to hold a koala and pet kangaroos in Australia!
Miss Rockabilly Ruby Sunshine Coast

If a fairy godmother would come to you one day and grant you the wish to have the trip of your dreams what would it look like?

This would be the best wish ever because I very clearly LOVE to travel! It’s hard for me to choose because I have so many places that I want to visit! It’s a toss-up between taking a month or two to visit as many cities and countries in South America as I possibly can, or doing a joint trip to Greece and Italy!

It seems that you are moving on with your projects as you’re taking a break from teaching. What are the exciting upcoming things in your life?

I’ve just joined two amazing hairstyling teams, one is with Modern Salon and the other is with Cosmoprof. So I’m excited to get to work with them and all of the brands that they represent. Charles and I now have our joint YouTube channel and we can’t wait to make more videos for everyone on how we live our lives and how we do our jobs!

Let’s talk about your area of expertise now! Here at Pinup Abroad, we love to exchange tips and tricks on how to be a perfect vintage wanderer. What easy hairdo would you recommend when traveling?

I’m going to be 100% honest with you all here when I travel I wear the most comfy athletic clothes and I wear my hair in a bun. I do this because anytime I go through airport security in full pinup I get “randomly” selected and searched. They pat down my hair and give me a full body search, so I’ve just learned after years of flying to teach my hair classes that I want my security check to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. If you don’t mind getting stopped through security, or you’re taking transportation that doesn’t require you to go through a checkpoint, then I would suggest a Dita bun or a poodle type updo because they both will allow you to take a nap during your travels and without getting wrecked.
Miss Rockabilly Ruby Melbourne

What are Miss Rockabilly Ruby favourite items to bring along in her suitcase?

I have to bring my own blanket whenever I travel, I’m a freeze baby so I need to be able to wrap myself up to get comfortable. I also can’t live without a chapstick and all of my skincare products.

Talking about clothes, which ones do you find the most travel-friendly?

When I’m actually travelling I’m wearing athletic clothes because they’re the most comfortable for me to wear on a flight, but I pack all of my cute dresses and other outfits in my suitcase. I try not to pack and crinolines if I can because they take up way too much valuable space in my luggage, the one thing I do always bring along with me is a handheld portable clothing steamer so that I can bring any outfit with me and have it look perfect!
Miss Rockabilly Ruby Australia Kangaroos

Moving on packing tips! How do you manage to bring a capsule wardrobe? What are your best packing tips?

I have become a queen when it comes to packing, and believe it or not I usually share a suitcase with Charles. Our entire international tour, we shared ONE suitcase for our clothes and shoes because we had so much gear to bring with us for classes and shoots. The first thing I do is I make sure that I book a hotel or Airbnb that has a laundry facility either in the room or on site, that way I don’t have to pack nearly as much and I can reuse outfits on my trip. When I pack the suitcase I divide it in half for each of us to take one side, and I just fold everything up really small so that I can fit as much as possible. Don’t forget that handheld clothing steamer because it’ll get rid of any wrinkles and it’s very lightweight and easy to pack!

Last but not least, give us a quick tour of what’s the hot hairdo for a Pin Up gal in Burbank, California?

This is the land of the Hollywood Wave! I would say the 90% of my clients ask for Hollywood Waves when they come in for an appointment, it’s a classic style that will go with literally any special occasion look.


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