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Our Wandering Pin-up of May represents the epitome of the French chic. She is from the French Riviera but now lives in Paris where she pursues her dream of being a journalist on national television. Nawal is a true vintage lover, her blog Serial Chineuse (in French) is the golden ticket for any thrifting lover. She has a talent to find preppy pieces and to match them with her gorgeous 60’s look.

Nawal is also an experienced wanderer willing to share her tips and trick to help us ladies travel in comfort and style!

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Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from? Where do you live? What are your hobbies?

My name is Nawal, I am 27 years old and I am French. I grew up in Cannes on the Côte d’Azur (French Riviera), and I now live in Paris since 2014. I am a fashion and culture journalist for the website of a major news channel and in parallel, I am the author of a vintage blog and I also write for Tendances Vintage, a French magazine. I love to go to gigs, spend countless hours in flea markets and thrift stores, makeup, chat with my girlfriends around a nice glass of red wine, travel with my sweetheart and watch too much of Netflix of course!

You are the girl behind Serial Chineuse, what is your mission for this blog? What message are you trying to convey through your lookbooks?

Serial Chineuse is devoted to the vintage lifestyle from every angle, whether in terms of fashion, decor, best places, beauty, music, advice and so on. My mission? Share with my readers my passion for old dusty things (but full of charm), help them find the rare gem without being scammed, immerse them in a world 100% retro, show them incredible places … all with a twist of modernity, just to have a little fun (even if I entirely accept my kitsch side).

What’s your vintage favourite piece found from your collection? Your trophy from the thrift shop?

 My two Saint Laurent jackets found for the ridicule prices of 4€ and 25€ in a garage sales along with all my incredible 50s floral dresses.

What are the destinations on your 2018 bucket list?

I have just returned from Naples, it was beyond great. Otherwise, I’m heading to New York this summer, and to Marrakech in the fall. I would like to try to visit London and Amsterdam too, and I am seriously considering returning to Tokyo next spring!

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You are a well-travelled lady indeed, what has been your most memorable trips so far?

With no hesitation, the great tour of Japan with my love during Spring 2017. 16 days of pure happiness under the cherry blossoms, drinking matcha and discovering a culture so different from ours. We have seen Tokyo, Izumo, Hiroshima, Miyajima Island, Kyoto, Osaka, Uji and Nara … it was unforgettable. I have never felt so happy and peaceful as I was there.

If a fairy godmother would come to you one day and grant you the wish to have the trip of your dreams what would it look like?

A huge road trip in the Great West of the US aboard a convertible Ford Mustang! I dream of the Ocean, palm trees, deserts, motels and American diners, oh so retro. I picture myself as Thelma and Louise (without the tragic end of course), with a scarf in my hair, oversized sunnies and a Polaroid in my hand!

Let’s talk about style now! Here at Pinup Abroad, we love to exchange tips and tricks on how to be a perfect vintage wanderer. How would you describe your style while travelling?

Cute but practical. In general, I mix pretty retro pieces (printed dresses, colourful shirts, skater skirts, mum jeans) with comfortable Converse or Vans style shoes. Not very pin-up, but when I’m travelling, I am going full on and I love to discover the cities by walking. Hence I need a pair of shoes that can survive ten kilometres per day. I balance the outfit with vintage clothes and above all, a flawless makeup that enhances everything!

What are the Serial Chineuse favourite items to bring along in her suitcase?

Stunning vintage scarves, which will be useful for 1) prevent me from a cold in planes and air-conditioned place 2) accessorize my bag 3) style my hair! I always take a pair of pretty kitten heels in case I go out at night in a more chic place. I also bring along two pairs of classy earrings to dress up my daytime outfit when I chose to go for the classic combo white t-shirt/vintage Levi’s 501.


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Talking about brands, which ones do you find the most travel-friendly? (lightweight, no wrinkles, strong fabric..; etc)

I recently had a huge crush on the New York brand Karina Dresses who makes the most flattering and comfortable retro dresses in the world, guaranteed without any crease thanks to their great fabric: absolute happiness! I am also a fan of Heroines Paris, for modern pinups.


We have seen you’re outfit is always on point while on the road but how do you manage to do your hair and makeup when you can’t carry all your beauty items?

I can ALWAYS bring my beauty product! I never leave without them, even in a tiny pouch. I never get out without a doll complexion, eyebrows drawn on point, a colourful mouth and my cat-eye of black liner. For my hair I am more flexible, I let them lose but I still make sure that there is a hairdryer in my hotel to style my rebel bangs. I also keep a hat on hand as it is my miracle solution for a bad hair day.

Moving on packing tips! How do you manage to bring a capsule wardrobe? What are your best packing tips?

I’m a bit maniac about that, I prepare in advance a list of outfits day by day depending on where I’m going, what I’m going to do and colors that the destination inspires: pink / gray / khaki when I was in Japan, red / white / jeans for Brighton, red / beige / black for Naples, yellow for the south of France …. And as I tend to do a LOT of shopping during my travels, I always end up wearing nothing of what I brought with me!

Last but not least, give us a quick tour of what’s hot to do for a Pin Up gal in the city of glamour and cinema.

Take a walk on the Croisette as it’s the most beautiful place in the world. Stop by for an ice cream at the kiosk in front of the Martinez. Then go shopping Rue d’Antibes, visit the cute little rue Hoche for a coffee and then, towards the old town, Le Suquet, where you will have a sublime view of all Cannes. Then go eat at Astoux, the best seafood and fish restaurant, and have a snack at Emilie’s Cookies! For a drink, The Da Laura Street Hoche. Another good place to dine: Le Bistrot du 4.


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