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 I am a young native French lady, focused on EN-FR translation + content writing and passionate about what I do. I am dynamic, curious and a true forward thinker. I am the author of The Pinup Abroad, a bilingual website about adventure, travel culture with a twist of vintage fashion. I have been living several years in the wet and cold part of Europe named Ireland and UK.

I worked there as a booking agent organising tours in Europe and dealing with both artists and venues. I am bilingual in English, I have a correct level in Spanish (spoken and written). I am learning Tibetan languages as I have spent two years in the Himalayas. I am now living in India where I am mainly hired to translate travel agencies websites and create content. I am fascinated by languages, (structure, different levels, cultural context…) and I am grateful to quickly adapt to any type of lingo. Now that’s enough about me, because what really matters is what I can do for you!


If you are a company or an organization interested in collaboration, please know I am quite selective regarding my partnerships and only work with brands that could benefit my readers or make this world a better place. My niche is very particular as it blends travel and vintage lifestyle. The audience is mainly interested in adventures, heritage sites, travel gadget, retro/inspired outfits and affordable elegance in every exotic situation. With that in mind, please email me your proposal and I will get back to you either way.
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  • App or product review
  • Giveaways
  • Accommodation and activities sponsorship
  • Brand partnership: lightweight travel gadgets, accessories, retro-inspired clothes..
  • Freelance writing: I also offer a content writing service in both languages. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with different types of companies for online and printed publications.  I create engaging content and am adept at including the natural use of keywords to increase search engine optimization without interrupting the flow of the article. I have written press releases email newsletters and articles on various subjects dealing with travel and entertainment.


work with me

Translation and SEO oriented content writing


I have graduated in Applied  Languages (LEA), specialised in English and Arabic. Moreover, I have lived more than three years in Ireland and the UK.

I am fluent in both English and French. I am at ease with the whole spectrum of language level from formal/academic to slang.

I am offering my skills for any type of translation or writing in French and English. I am more specialised in travel-related content but I have already worked documents related to beauty, sports and video games. My extensive knowledge of SEO and SERP allows me to provide a beautifully and high-ranking content for your website.

Through my studies, I have touched several fields such as version, translation techniques, live translation, cultural exchange, international economy, international law, marketing, transcultural exchanges and management. If you are interested in hiring someone who can adapt to any level of languages in French and in English while creating SEO-friendly posts/articles, I am the one you need! If you are looking for someone who is independent, a problem-solver by nature and has excellent work ethics, I’m your gal. As a good listener, I’m also flexible and I always try to find out what would suit your needs best.


Let’s get to know each other :

I am always up to meet new people and new businesses to work with. If you feel I am the right person to help your business, do contact me as I can reply within a couple of hours. Looking forward to starting a great collaboration with you!

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